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Do you know what's in your attic? Get peace of mind with safe removal of old insulation by Insta-Insulation. Insta-Insulation offers removal of all types of insulation including batt, blown, and vermiculite. Make your home more comfortable with the elimination of pesky allergens, irritating odours, fire damage and rodent contaminants. If you have vermiculite in your attic, let Insta-Insulation collect samples and manage the testing of this material for the presence of asbestos prior to any removal. If you're considering a home demolition, have Insta-Insulation remove your attic insulation safely, sparing your neighbour's from a nasty and potentially harmful mess. Renovating your home? Insta-Insulation is your hassle free, one-stop shop for removal and insulation. Replace your old insulation with today's more energy efficient blown and spray-in-place foam insulation. Contact us today for your free consultation. Check out our website - http://www.instainsulation.com/ Like us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/instainsulation Follow us on Twitter - @instainsulation Subscribe to our YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/InstaInsulation2009


  1. Why would you take out insulation to put in nasty cellulose. That stuff decays and is a mess causing the house with dust.
  2. Is it worth keeping old dirty fiberglass batts in the attic and blow in more insulation above them (after fixing air leaks ofc)
  3. provide these Mexicans with some play wood so they can perform better ass hole ...
  4. Reference: G-PMC Registrars Adverse report on Cellulose Insulation and it's dangers to the public: (PRODUCT RECALL NOTICE SOUGHT)

    This highly reputable company assess and test products for their safety and long term medical risks to the public, installers and end users of it", They considered Cellulose insulation so dangerous that they refused to sanction it's use. In some respects This refusal is an Official request by them to the Product Licensing Authorties for its continued use to be immediately suspended and outlawed.
    Manufacturers or re-seller have a clear duty to heed these public safety warnings and to make sure they have sufficient Public Liabilty Insurance in place to meet any claims made on you by claimants. My advice to householders to take immediate steps to have it removed from their homes with the manufacturers and sellers jointly paying for its removal and / or replacement. Please give your staff photocopies of this report, and obtain their proffered views on whether they wish to continue laying it, or handling it. For my part I will circulate this report to the Insurance Associations so they can (i) adjust their premiums upwards to cover the increased risk, and (ii) stop insuring it. *Please confirm whether or not you will make an instant product recall notice.
  5. +Larry Maloney In almost 50 years I've never known a client to enquire about Cellulose Insulation, so would it be okay with you if I ask anyone who does want it to get in touch with you. You deserve each other. Take the order with my compliments. Let this schmuck have the benefit of you're wisdom. If only I could arrange this free order for you for Xmas Eve, wouldn't that be wonderful. I can imagine you saying "Look Ma, that Correspondence Course I took paid off".Just think If you book 12 Cellulose Chop Suey Paper jobs next year wouldn't that be something to be proud about. Do this for just 3 years and you'll be able to buy you're very first trailer-trash trailer, and stop paying rent. I wish you a successful and happy New Year for 2016, but will stick to our laying fibreglass insulation, fibreglass insulation, fibreglass Insulation, See, you have just reminded me that I'm crazy about the stuff.
  6. That old vapor barrier couldn't have been very good, looked awfully thin and weak.  Doesn't look like it would have been proper stuff anyways...   The sprayed in foam - if there was a complete layer - should provide a vapor barrier, but I agree with Joseph - any future repairs to drywall would be made more difficult.
  7. why would you take out insulation to put in nasty cellulose.  That stuff decays and is a mess causing the house with dust.
  8. Removing old Insulation is not as easy as it might look. The problem is that you don't really know whats in there with the old insulation. Modern insulation vacuums will remove 5000 lbs of material an hour under the right conditions. Sucking up hard objects is very hard on any machine so go slow and put objects other than insulation aside. Always keep the vacuum discharge pointed away from people and animals. Do a complete job so you can see to air seal properly. Don't ever even think of recycling this old stuff back into the attic. Re-blow with quality insulation, even consider the new sheep wool by Havelock Wool in Reno or the new Milo based product from Texas.  Dr. Intec   Bill Jewell
  9. Sorry to point this out,but you destroyed/sucked up vapor barrier at 1:07 and at 1:20.That's not good.I see that when you sprayed the foam there was no vapor barrier leftthus making it hard when it comes time for the homeowner to do any dry-walling fixes.