Vinyl Siding Installation

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  1. What's up with the creepy sound???
  2. great job on that chicken coop
  3. Dude u gotta atleast soft wash house with bleach first ha u just covered a mold infested exterior unless u did but I don't think u did we saw u installed working as it still had mold on they prob just needed a good soft wash
  4. is ok next time take fence down house is one
  5. Fucking killed yourself my friend! Why on god's green earth wouldn't you strip the shake?! Not to mention the extra dough for the 3/4 insulation board!!
  6. Is it just me or was this video a little creepy? I was waiting for something to jump out at me!
  7. Agreed. I use roofing nails and you never want to hammer them flush to the surface either..
  8. I am not trying to criticize your work just pointing out future possible problems. Your measure looked good including finish. However I did not see whole finish but did u include soffit vents? to avoid dry rot/moisture build up? If the interior has up to code resistance (R 14, 20, 30,ect)insulation no need to insulate from exterior. Worth a mention. And or house wrap typar,tyvek ect. water resistant breathable membrane. Asbestos cement siding is legal to cover over. However let viewers know.
  9. I hope this is your own house so u can fix the err's later. Never screw siding directly it expands and contracts in heat/cold, it could buckle or crack. (if u have to screw don't use the screw to pilot a hole it needs a slot to move at min 1/4 inch and don't seat the screw leave it loose to allow for expansion/contraction and weather proof screw or it will rust).Best to nail (roof nails preferred) And don't side around a fence remove a section and replace. The siding will last longer than fence.
  10. i couldnt understand a word he said.
  11. Vinyl siding should be outlawed. Those who can't see how horrible it looks seriously have something wrong with them. Your house will look like a Rubbermaid trash can/or mail box. Just SAY NO to vinyl siding. It will devalue your home.
  12. vinyl siding sucks and those who buy it are retarded, Cedar FTW!!!!!!
  13. Why are you screwing through the vinyl at the top and not using the provided slots? Isn't the vinyl supposed to expand and contract?
  14. The type of siding used is to what the client chooses! So you could rant about how cheap and ugly. But the man is just doing his job! Keep at it. GOD BLESS USA
  15. You're so right. I'd rather be homeless than live in a house with cheap cruddy vinyl siding.
  16. is that asbestos
  17. good Stuff
  18. this is what I call a real instructional video !! : ) just awesome man !! JOse Garcia
  19. @endurancewest08 You can screw vinyl siding put you have to leave the fasteners centered and proud in the slot or it will buckle in the heat.
  20. I appreciate your hard work in making this video - an inspiration to do the project myself! Thank you! Also, nice camera transitions/fades!