Video: Old Promotional Film For Asbestos

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58 Rating Both the government and corporate industry used promotional newsreel type films during the 1950s and 1960s to promote the application and widespread use of asbestos products. These films were instrumental to marketing asbestos and generating acceptance by the public. Since the early 1900s, asbestos was known to cause illness and disease in workers who handled the material. Even second-hand contact with asbestos can result in a cancer known as mesothelioma. Due to foreknowledge of the danger and not telling their workers, many corporations have since gone bankrupt from paying out billions in court settlement claims against them.


  1. everyone in this ad is dead. even the voice over guy
  2. This stuff's amazing. I can tell it'll be used to build everything in the future and we'll have a world where nothing burns except cigarettes.

    If anyone else is watching in 1950, send me a reply. I'd like to meet some new people.
  3. this stuff is amazing, I can see many uses for it in the future.
    like if you're also watching in 1965.
  4. made for lifetime use! (a couple of years)
  5. Can anyone tell me if clips like this can be used in your own work? Or is it free, in creative commons?
  6. The reason they used asbestos was because it was flame retardant but really in your house is burning we will take care of it our mood is take care of property and life but just don't use asbestos we have enough things to deal with we don't want to be exposed to another chemical or material that can kill us plastic being one light fixtures and wall plaster.
  7. imma going to go and snort that shit now it looks so safe
  8. This stuff look pretty safe where can i buy asbestos products?
  9. It's important to realize that corporations knew that asbestos was dangerous long before this ad was made....

    Late 1800’s: The first reports of lung disease in people working in asbestos factories.

    1918: A US government report reveals that American and Canadian life insurance companies don’t sell coverage to asbestos workers due to the assumption of health problems. The report notes that the Chief Inspector of England is aware of deaths and lung disease among asbestos plant workers.

    1924: First mass-circulated report of asbestos worker death. It appears in a British medical journal article and describes a 33-year old asbestos textile plant laborer.
  10. And when painting your asbestos make sure to use only high quality lead paint
  11. Wouldn't it be funny if the guy who was sanding the Asbestos Cement Sheet, poured the dust onto a small mirror, got his AMEX out, made a line, rolled a bank note and snort that shit. Mmmmm yummy.
  12. i know of a few hoses with asbestos siding best stuff around long as you dont mess with it
  13. But the music was so soothing!
  14. Brick and Concrete are the best then and now.
  15. I bet those scientists got lung cancer
  16. Been working with asbestos for 4 years now. It would have been a wonderful material to use if its safe. But unfortunately it's not. Horrible stuff
  17. 1:30 LOL stupid scientists!
  18. I heard they knew of incidents where asbestos caused illness, but it was either covered up or not given much attention. Either way they didn't know for sure that asbestos was the cause of the direct cause of the illnesses. It was until the eighties (I think) that they finally found out for sure, the harms of asbestos.
  19. You're wrong. If you're interested in finding out why I suggest reading 'Deceit and Denial', an exceptionally well researched book that lays bare the astounding extent of American corporate and political malfeasance with regard to industrial pollution in the 20th century. The authors' use of hitherto unseen primary source documents from corporate archives is a damning indictment of past corporate machinations and political complicity in regard to these issues.
  20. But those were the golden years wernt they! cheap gas, real hamburgers, and asbestos for all! woo hoo. Fuck a duck