Remove popcorn ceilings

Author: Paul Ricalde
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How to remove popcorn ceiling and add light texture. Popcorn ceiling on homes built prior to 1990 should be tested for asbestos before removal. Disrupting asbestos is hazardous to your health.


  1. was this asbestos ceiling texture and if so arent you concerned about your health?
  2. Hello, thanks for the video. How do you know that all you need is water to spray the surface before scraping? I'm concerned that that won't do much since paint remove usually requires pain strip
  3. One note on ceiling fans, if you have a Hunter Original Fan, you will want to remove the blades first so you can store the fan motor UPRIGHT. Hunter Originals have an oil reservoir and will leak if inverted. You will KNOW if you have a Hunter Original when you go to take it down, the motor housing is cast iron and it's HEAVY. ;-) Personally, I always remove blades before removing and re-hanging as it's just much easier to handle.
  4. Thanks for the great video!. One small suggestion: when you talk about taping off the black and white wires, put a little comment bubble. "Put electrical tape around the end of each wire. DON'T tape them together :)"
  5. Poison son 1 word dummy its called asbestos
  6. Thanks for posting this. Popcorn ceilings went out of style before I was born and I'm ready to remove them from my house. I will also need to remove my ceiling fans.
  7. Cool thanks for posting this.
  8. Thought this was how to remove popcorn ceiling... not a fan.. jesus!
  9. Hey Paul. That popcorn ceiling came off so easy. Mine is not coming off that easy. I have the spray bottle and spray as I go but it certainly isn't as easy as the video. Any suggestions?
  10. Great video on Popcorn Ceilings!
  11. what kind of sealant did you put on prior to orange peel?
  12. Taking the fan down is 40% of the work!
  13. Great instructions and video Paul, we are just starting to remove our popcorn ceilings and had no idea how to remove it. I'm sure you have saved us hours in work and cleaning time. 👍
  14. Thanks for the response Paul! I live in an old pre war NYC apartment and haven't tested it, but I feel that Asbestos is probably in here. I'm just renting though, so isn't this something my landlord should take care of? I don't mind buying the kit and testing it myself, my concern is more for if I do find some in here, then what?
  15. How can I tell for sure if there is asbestos in my plaster or not?
  16. You are from Chicago!
  17. Good job removing the texture. That being said, there's no way in HELL I would remove texture to put texture back on. lol
  18. Hey Paul if I have an older house and the ceilings are made form concrete board would I use a different technique for removing popcorn. I have Fire damage through out the house so I am thinking it would being easier just to remove the popcorn then to clean the soot or if popcorn is still intact should would i be better off cleaning and priming. What do you think?
  19. Another situation I have in my home, that I will be taking care of by my self, thanks to you !!!! you are most definitely my new hero :) ,,, thank you ..
  20. Hello Paul,
    I just came across your video. You give really good and clear instructions to do this. My only concern is that my house was made in the 70s in I am not sure if it is safe to remove the popcorn because of the asbestus. Would you say to go ahead with using the scrapper and wear a mouth cover or better go get that popcorn tested.