Remove Attic Insulation - Best Way

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The do it yourself project: remove attic insulation from a 2000 sq ft house. The potential savings: approximately $2500 over contractor estimate for removal only, prior to new insulation being blown in at additional cost of about $2800. Let's do this! After a full day of scooping with dustpans, dumping into black bags, and piling up in the garage, we decided 30% progress was not enough for our efforts. So, the big guns were brought in: a 19hp "mega insulation sucker" from the local rental equipment company. About a $350 investment for the day, plus bags, was money well spent. We ended up filling 4-1/2 bags which took up most of one parking spot in the garage. Will never remove attic insulation again without this machine! Just google "insulation removal vacuum" for more information of this type of equipment. Attics are not meant for anyone to spend much time in. Get in and get out, the faster the better!


  1. Where The hell is usui??????
  2. seahawks fan... ;(
  3. Thanks for raising awareness of the importance of removing the old insulation before blowing new insulation in the attic. Always keep "Safety First" as your first thought. Insulation Vacs are very powerful and can pick up hard objects and possibly throw thru the bag. Always point the outlet of the Vac away from anything close that could be harmed Bill Jewell Intec 800-666-1611 ext 107
  4. I'm pulling out my installation, I have rat(s) living in my attic. chillen
  5. how did you dispose of the insulation you sucked out? Did you keep it in those bags and just bring to a dump? or did you transfer to black garbage bags for curbside pick up?
  6. how many bags did u pull out
  7. What kind of insulation did you have put back in? I'm about to do this.
  8. Where we can rent the vacuum ..???
  9. what kind of insulation are you sucking up?