Painting Hardiplank (Hardie Plank)- Painting exterior wall boards or siding.

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65 Rating There are a few ways hardie plank or exterior wall planks and boards can be painted and rolling them is one way. Some times it is just as quick to brush and roll the exterior siding like hardiplank as it is to spray them, that's if you take in to account all the masking time and all the clean up time.


  1. Somebody told me Hardiplank used on the exterior doesn't need painting, sealing or any other treatment if you like the look out of the factory but I don't believe them, it's porous.  You HAVE to paint it or seal it don't you?
  2. I have a construction crew changing out the Hardiplank on my home @ an cost of $5,000.. I will help with the painting process to save me some money..
  3. Greatly appreciated.
  4. I've just moved in to a house with hardiplank that needs painting, the paint on it is chalky and has small cracks where it's had patches of paint applied.  The age of the plank according to James Hardie will have asbestos in it as they ceased in 1985 so I can't sand it, I have no idea what paints are on it but it doesn't seem very thick, would you recommend priming it or just cleaning it and applying the acrylic?
  5. Thanks mate, nice video.
  6. Mmm no need to prime?:)
  7. Great video!
  8. do you know what coverage a gallon gets on hardiplank? 
  9. Many thanks for the video. Some great time saving tips. What do you recommend when buying paint brushes? Buy top price or med range okay. Cheers
  10. Sweet justification. That's exactly how I painted Hardiplank recently. Had to use a pole for the high parts. I kept imagining people looking at me wondering what the heck I was doing.
  11. Using a roller pole is a good idea but it's more of a hindrance when rolling walls sideways. Also if you notice there is a post behind me, the roller pole would have hit that and it would have been just another obstacle to negotiate.
  12. Save your back and use a rolling poll!
  13. That's a good point, generally if boards have been brushed before I will brush them and if they have been rolled before I will roll them. You can reduce roller stipple by back rolling, thats gently rolling back over the surface. The boards in this video are wood grain affect so the stipple of the rolling doesn't show out as much
  14. Are you happy with the roller stipple marks on the boards? Especially with a dark colour like this, wouldn't brushing look better?
  15. Don't forget to prepare the surface first.