Once The Largest Asbestos Mine in the World - Canada - Open Pit

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Watch in GLORIOUS 1080p @ 60Hz For a long time, the world's largest asbestos mine was the Jeffrey mine, located in Asbestos, Québec, Canada.


  1. I just found out that my Great Great Grandfather immigrated from Canada and after he spent some time as a Lumberjack, he had mined Asbestos in Thetford Mine, Quebec, Canada. His name was Napoleon Bonaparte Cinq - Mars. :)
  2. Hey, what is the music at the end? Cool
  3. Et oui mais maintenant cest fermer
  4. Good camera work and good video subbed and liked
  5. do you know if you can go and dig there
  6. how did you get your camera so still? awsome
  7. Wide-angle squeezes the mine making it look small.
  8. Comment tu fais pour etre aussi stable :o