Introduction to Asbestos from 1959

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This clip is from the 1959 film, "Asbestos: a Matter of Time," by the Bureau of Mines (US Department of the Interior.) The entire film is available on GoggleVideo. This clip describes key properties of asbestos and some of its uses in the 1950s. Inhaling asbestos dust, can cause asbestosis, lung cancer and esothelioma. Asbestos manufacturers knew of these diseases by the 1930s. Tens of thousands of (mostly) workers have been made sick and died from asbestos exposure. For more information, go to the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) website -


  1. "FAKE NEWS", says Donald!
  2. pişmaniye gibi gözüküyor, çok lezzetli...
  3. Where's Troy McLure?
  4. Used to be a great building material. until we found out that it wasnt healthy when broken :/
  5. Asbestos is horrible man be careful with this stuff compas. Mariachi Muerte cares about you.
  6. what if you were to say... do pull-ups on a pipe that contained asbestos ? why am i asking? NO REASON NONE AT ALL AHAHAHA! I WOULD NEVER CLIMB ON AN ASBESTOS PIPE OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT! (by the way the person did about 50 pull-ups before they got tired, if anyone else sees an asbestos pipe try and beat their record! don't forget to breathe!)
  7. Oh really?
  8. it also kills u
  9. 0.59 there all got lung cancer -.-
  10. Can you imagine that "Kent" cirgaretes in the 1950's used asbestos fibers as a filter? I nearly fell off my chair when I heard this. Talk about death-on-death. Jeez.
  11. Not true, unfortunately. Even very limited exposure - helping your dad pull down an old chicken shed, pulling up some tiles, playing on old carpet underlay that so many of us had in the 70's & 80's is killing people today. The "second wave" claims are going to be much harder to litigate, and most of the manufacturers have obtained protection now or are long gone.
  12. Lol. 'Times dark captains rust, rot and decay'
  13. @Jwalkz4192 Sorry to hear that mate, I see young guys cutting asbestos here in Oz all the time, it's heart breaking, there's almost a bravado about it. I complained to my local member of parliament but there was just and endless back and forth paper trail which finally resulted in a letter claiming everything was OK, go home there's nothing to worry about. I hope treatments rapidly increase and you get better, I know they are testing a new treatment for mesothelioma sufferers. Good luck.
  14. I love asbestos! I put mustard on that fucking shit and eat it!! Christ.....I think I got cancer just watching this video
  15. It has played a tremendously important role in the improvement of our standard of living... poisoning us to death and killing millions of builders and engineers.
  16. A dear friend, like step father to me, died from the effects of working with asbesto and its by products, I'll never forget. My own home is built from asbestos.
  17. @kaospilotX Also tell the poor countries to ban them instead of collecting duty on the imports.
  18. Makes for the best air freshener!
  19. Canadad exports this poison to India and othwer poor countries while it's prohibited to use within Canada itself. Tell the greedy hippocrites it's not acceptible!
  20. im 19 and dying of asbestosis many think it takes years...but i only worked for the company for a week, everyone in my family has died for lung cancer, so the progression for asbestosis is 100x faster coz i inherited faulty lungs doc says ill be dead withint 6 years..guys if you see asbestos being handled incorrectly...just walk its not worth dying for like i am