Installing Vinyl Siding Yourself

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Learn about buying vinyl siding, how to prepare your house for vinyl siding, and what materials to use. View all this and more at


  1. dumbass
  2. wow . what's stupid video seriously
  3. I may just build my whole house myself now off of what I learned from this video.
  4. nothing to see here
  5. Do not waste time foe this clip. It is just for commercial
  6. People are so rude....
  7. Dumb fucks....where is the installation
  8. You did not mount a single panel of siding!
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  10. worthless to install siding.  wrong title
  11. Didn't help at all...
  12. My home has asbestos shingles installed when new in 1946. Still in perfect condition and what a great insulator. Many of the homes in my neighborhood have these as siding, but some idiot bought a home here last year and started cutting it off and just throwing it to the curb. Until code enforcement put a stop to it. If you have this on your home, just pressure wash and paint. It should last forever.
  13. This video is garbage.
  14. Your title should be," how to buy siding" not installing it.
  15. What happened to installing Moran.
  16. The flag!?! ... so important. Thanks! What store did you go to again?
  17. now I know how to go to the store...This was more like that siding company's commercial.
  18. Best tip.. Pay someone to do this. Diy = gone in the wind Peace
  19. This video should have been called how to pick up siding material yourself. Pretty lame.
  20. Flag it!!!