Installing Shingle Siding - Bob Vila

Author: Bob Vila
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Bob Vila goes heads up to the roof for a lesson in shingle siding installation from contractor Ron Jackson. For more on siding, visit:


  1. Too tight to the roof, and a lot of high-nailing at the end of the video. I also think they are too tight. Leaving a small gap encourages drying, which is key to having them last a long time. Also, missing some sort of rain screen. Overall an average to below average job, sorry to say.
  2. Great questions Bob!
  3. Wrong way to do it Bob   Nailing that strip of wood to use as a straight edge is not right, because when you take it off you have a whole lot of nail holes showing  There is a better way   Use a jig or add a nailing piece that allows the nail hole to be unseen
  4. I'm glad you covered why they were spaced tight. Good to know!
  5. We're a vinyl cedar shake siding contractor in NJ and it is much more popular here than wood shakes.   I am sure New Jersey homeowners would love wood shakes too but it is very expensive installation, especially in Northern and Central Jersey.  

    The affordable cost, maintenance free and beauty makes vinyl #1 here.   
  6. He should have been holding those shingles at least 1" above the roof, where the angled flashing is, otherwise the shingles will suck up water like a sponge. The shingles should have been sealed on all sides, as well, if one wants to do the job properly.