How to remove asbestos siding

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Removing cracked and broken asbestos siding.


  1. idiot
  2. idiot
  3. have never seen a more reckless idiot in my life.....not wet down, no protective gear, literally wiping his nose after rubbing his fingers all over the broken/freshly chiseled material. this is a poster for what not to do.....if you follow what this guy did you may as well smash it with a sledge and take big gasps of air while your at it! what a dick!
  4. Wtf? Where is your protective gear? HVAC mask? Very bad video, you trying to give everyone who watch this cancer buddy!
  5. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)lol
  6. This is a good video and no one should be rude here -- and no one should be calling you names. But you must know that asbestos is an extremely toxic and deadly material, right? Professionals will not even repaint it without watering it down thoroughly (wearing protective gear while doing this) to remove all lose dust. When you break off pieces and tear out nails, that definitely causes asbestos dust particles to fly loose in the air, and you then breath them into your lungs. A few shingles won't kill you, but how can you be sure that someone watching this might not remove all the shingles on their house this way---without any protection? Would you drink mercury or plutonium? This is an instructional video, so you must make sure you're not advising people to put their health at risk--don't you agree? Many people below are alarmed by your apparent disregard of the dangers of asbestos. Many people below are rude and even nasty, and there's no excuse for that. But their concern is well founded.
  7. Where's your protection Dude? Why would you make an instructional video without emphasizing this??!!
  8. Thanks Dude !
  9. ok thanks. So i could install starting from the top or bottom of the wall ?
  10. Hey , I seen how to replace or remove Asbestos Shingles but what about Install Asbestos Shingle ? I got a project and need some tips from you . Any ideas ? I'm having a problem of drilling a hole for those extra pieces .
  11. I actually work in abatement and do this for a living. The point here is that asbestosis has a 30 year life span. If he breathes in fibers while removing that siding they may not effect his lungs for 30 years. However in 30 years he will wonder why he has mesothelioma or asbestosis. And for those of you saying at least wear a mask, well that's funny too because just ya paper mask alone will not prevent all the fibers from getting to his lungs. He needs a half mask that is approved by niosh and filters approved by niosh to properly protect himself. Good luck pal.
  12. Hey great video. looks like you have mastered this. Can I hire you to take the same siding off my house?
  13. I love how everyone thinks they know how to do real work when half the people calling this guy an idiot sit behind a desk all day. Its true you should wear a mask and wet it down. However, asbestos and lead were so widely used in this country during the 40s-80s because of its indestructible properties that we all have it in our lungs yes even 1 fiber. Some lungs never develop a cyst, some take 30 years and some people die from it and all the other poisons we ingest on a daily basis. Guess what in 10 years the govt will tell us vinyl siding and carpet is killing us too. Get a clue noone lives forever, life is short and Mr Helper is just doing his best to make a living so back off know it alls!!!!!
  14. I am reading many comments that he did it wrong. It would be helpful then, if one of you make a video on how to do it the right way. I have some broken shingles to replace and would like to replace them correctly. Right now Mr. Helper Guy is the only person who has a video on replacement, and I thank him for it. And, I thank the rest of you for your comments, at least the constructive comments.
  15. i think it's so unfair that people are left to deal with the removal of this hazardous shit! Is it MY fault that no one knew how toxic it was ???
  16. Hey bro thanks for making videos. Glad you said FUCK OFF to the big ASSHOLE C. Good for you working man. Just be really careful with that siding. I've worked under some of the oldest schools and buildings in NC, plumbing and construction. I've had to work with a lot of asbestos. I'm sure I'll be breathing through a beer can one day. Take care. Steven
  17. I could not see the bottom of the screen where the nails were removed. Camera was to high
  18. Dude, put a mask on at least!
  19. wanna go for motor boat ride lol
  20. WTF!!!! What are you helping people do with this video? Develop Mesothelioma?

    Try a P3 mask and disposable coveralls when working with AC.  Also, wet it through beforehand and please don't break it .... Jesus, just got to the part where you're ripping at it with a jemmy.   Idiot