How to Paint Exterior Trim and Wood Home Siding

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A fresh coat of paint is the best way to make the outside of a home look better. Before painting, be sure to prep the exterior properly. Once it is prepped, you will be ready to go. For this project you will need: exterior pant, stir sticks, rollers, brushes, roller grid, a ladder and masking supplies. To figure out how much paint you will need visit For any outdoor project, use acrylic latex paint. It drys quickly, is resistant to fading and cleans well with water. When beginning to paint, work from side to side from the top down. Start by cutting in around the trim with a brush, and don't forget to paint the under part of the siding. Once a section is cut in, you can paint with the face with a roller. Work in sections, and do not stop in the middle. After every side of the house is painted, you can now paint the trim. Mask the windows and using a trim brush, paint from top to bottom in clean even strokes. If you need to stop mid project, it is important to properly store your paint and paint brushes. Using the roller grid, rid any excess paint from the roller. Cover the bucket of paint with the lid. Using plastic wrap, wrap the brushes and rollers and store in a shaded area. Once you are finished, be sure to check for any spots you may have missed and touch up. Clean your supplies, and take a step back and see the refreshing look of your home. For more painting advice and videos, visit Subscribe to Lowe's YouTube for great how to videos and home improvement tips: Or head to our channel:


  1. Valspar.. the good stuff!
  2. Ok, so you want great exterior painting tips? This video has some like intermixing the paint, covering shrubs ect. Start like he did the first 3-4 boards and move the ladder as he did but never reach to paint boards to the side unless you had to. Have a one gallon bucket with hook, some putty for nail holes(stick to ladder rung). You should have pressure washed the house first and caulked any places that need it like where boards end at windows and corner boards. Never paint in the sun or where the siding has just been in sunshine as latex paints today dry to quickly. Start with 5/8's of a gallon of paint and add about an ounce of water and mix. Flo-trol additive will also help keep it from drying as with glossier paints this will cause an unattractive lap effect. Use a 4 inch brush. If you are a newbie work on some lower siding areas to get used to handling such a large brush. Lay off your brush strokes horizontally and minimize curving ones as these will show in the finished product somewhat. IF you do have rough siding then a roller set up as he had would be quicker or get into spray which as a professional I try to avoid.
  3. Part of your prep work should be the removal of any rusting nail heads. No paint product can stop rust bleed. Use the drill bit from Nail Head Gone to remove those rusty nail heads, it takes about 10 seconds per nail head.
  4. I've been painting of 17 years eluminum siding best to power was clean then use paint sprayer mask off windows n doors. Never roll or brush 1 leaves brush mark 2 the little roller forget it be there for ever and it leaves that orange peel finish. Spray it u won't regret it . It will look like bran new siding
  5. for every different material it's different paint.
  6. you back rolled that?? no sprayer ??
  7. What Color paint was used on this house ?
  8. A,J,...great for
  9. ha, doing it by hand
  10. You don't work below the top of the ladder... sheesh... Forget the roller unless it's say cedar siding or T-111 Use a heavier nap roller than this if you do. forget the masking, you're not spraying it... but be careful of things below you that do need covering...
  11. cual es el color  de  la  pintura  que  usar  ?
  12. To make my exterior paint go farther can I use interior paint for my first coat and go with my exterior paint for the 2nd coat? I'm painting the outside of my house. I have wood siding on my house.
  13. What shade of green was that?
  14. What's the proper name for someone that does this type of work??????
  15. But what about Aluminum Siding? I can't seem to locate a video from Lowe's on how to prep and paint using the spray system. Can someone point me in the right direction? I need to get the supplies within a month thanks!
  16. This uneducated tom sawyer painter doesn't know jack about painting exterior. Flat paint will not withhold the moisture like paint with a sheen on it. Have you ever seen paint bubble and peal?- probably because you used glossy paint and trapped the moisture beneath it. what do you think is going to happen once the sun hits it? Semigloss on your door frames and jambs but that's it!!! at least i provided reasoning
  17. Completely the opposite, ask anyone who sells paint for a living, not the person putting it on!
  18. If you look closely to the label he is pouring out of, it says "Flat" on it. It has no sheen on it what so ever.
  19. Well theres always an exception for everything, its like if I were to say Smoking Causes Cancer and you tell me, what about George Burns? He lived to be over 100? Well thats true however, smoking is still bad for you just like Flat Paint is bad for the exterior of your house. Many people still purchase it because they just don't know any better.
  20. what do you mean by flat paint.