How To Install Vinyl Siding On Your House

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Shannon from shows you how to install vinyl siding on your house. Vinyl siding is getting to be one of the most used low maintenance low cost sidings on the market. With the variety of colours ,designs and profiles available today it can make choosing it an easy decision .


  1. For just siding, this is the very best you will fine. Now, for your chop saw, put your blade backward; saw will not grab and regular blades work. J-channel, I would use silicone and all the way around. I use screws via nails, more control, easy to remove and holds better. Again this man knows his trade, hire him in a heartbeat.
  2. thanks man. now I won't look as stupid tomorrow when I work with my uncle in law doing this lmao
  3. Thank you so much. I really think I can get my house sided much less expensive than with a contractor.
  4. Great video! Really nice description of everything. I'm so glad you didn't just say what some of the tricks of doing this job are but actually demonstrated how to apply the trick/technique. This video actually makes me think I can do this. Thanks!
  5. Love your videos keep them coming.
  6. Great narration by the way, hard to find
  7. I thought for j-channel around windows one should start with bottom j-channel then sides then top. At least overlap the bottom's ends with sides and sides' ends with top.
  8. Man I hate Vinyl siding. What a junk product...normally I pull it off to install hardi plank... I should post videos of
    All the bugs and crap that get behind the siding and decompose.
  9. The best video ever! Great teacher.
  10. This guy is knows about home improvement, he don't have to share his knowledge but he does, thanks for the help
  11. Use to do this for a living when I was younger. Kinda miss it as it is very easy and quite relaxing to install.
  12. Great tutorial! I'm still not confident it's a diy job i'll tackle but at least I have some understanding of how vinyl systems work!
  13. This guy is good. I like all his videos. Thank you
  14. this are the video people should watch to learn how to put siding on a house and he explained good
  15. you rock my brother! thank u.
  16. very good and professional video
    thank you for your videos
  17. One thing wrong, to slow. Just joking, great show .
  18. thanks so much for the great info. I just bought a small house (pier and beam) in the country 1,100 sq ft , I want to put siding on it, I'm trying to decide  alum or vinyl siding, ive seen some vinyl warp and sag ( probably the cheep stuff) the house being in the country, vinyl kinda scares me about squirrels chewing on it, have you seen that before? if I go with vinyl what brand should I buy ?  what would you put on your house ? thanks alot
  19. Dude, I think you're about the best diy teacher on yt...good job, thanks!
  20. very good video well explained.. thanks for taking the time and effort