How to CLEAN MOSS from roof tiles - Cleaning moss from leaking roof

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156 Rating Roof moss removal A lot of people have trouble of varying degrees with moss growing on their roofs, mostly this doesn't cause any leaks but sometimes it does. This is the most effective way to stop leaks, however apart from the obvious dangers of working at height, be careful when walking on the tiles not to break them. Roof moss treatment - Chemicals to kill moss can be sprayed onto the tiles later if you want to inhibit the re-growth of moss after you are finished. I hope this guide helps...


  1. Very well explained. Thank you.
  2. Very helpful video. I have Redland Stonewold on my roof . Had a leak, the cause of which were the problems with moss and breakages you outlined.With the help of your vid I felt confident enough to tackle the problem myself.
  3. Very interesting video . How come some roofs have moss growing on them and others have none ? .
  4. Ridiculous way to clean a roof. You must have all the time in the world
  5. Way too much work and too inefficient. What you should do is spray the roof with Roundup (glyphosphate), wait a week for the moss to die, then pressure wash under low setting. Once dead, the moss comes off easily
  6. another great video, thank you. I started to do this to my roof, as I have got a leak adjacent to the external wall on the inside of my property. however I have realised that there was no uv protection on the gutter when it was installed and therefore the felt has disintegrated underneath the tiles. would you suggest removing all the tiles and replacing the felt? what would you think if I only replaced the felt where the leak is?
  7. good info in video
  8. Great videos. Thanks for all your help. Now just need some nice weather!
  9.  Nice video. What is made material of these roof tiles?
  10. Really useful advice,, thanks.
  11. when you gonna re bed and point up all the ridge tiles that you have disturbed?
  12. Excellent narration as work proceeds. Very professional and easily understood. Well Done!
  13. How do you stop the moss etc from returning? I have heard that fitting a copper band across the roof works.
  14. Well said when I was  reminded the roof covering is the waterproofing not the felt underneath. I was considering changing the hole roofing felt costing a lot of money. But the tiles I could clean costing just my labour. Worth a try. 
  15. Nice job, 
    better than just power washing it like next door and leaving all those Brocken tiles
    and cracked channels, 
    making the roof even more porous
  16. Thanks for the advice, useful for us novices out there.
  17. Thanks, the work isn't too bad once you get started. Two men can clear a front and rear elevation in one day with low material costs, end results are good even in shallow pitched roofs.
  18. Great vid. Huge effort there.