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Cost-effective way to save energy with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: Full episode: How to Choose and Use Foam Insulation: How to Install Fiberglass Insulation: How to Clean Up Attic Mold: Tools for Beefing Up Attic Insulation: - tape measure - insulation knife - leaf rake, used to spread cellulose insulation - dust mask - hammer - circular saw Shopping List for Beefing Up Attic Insulation: - cellulose insulation - un-faced fiberglass insulation - 2x10s for framing a storage platform - 7/16-inch-thick OSB - 16d nails"] for nailing together 2x10s - 6d nails"] for nailing down the OSB - 2-inch-thick polystyrene, used to cover subfloor Follow This Old House: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: G+: Instagram: Tumblr:


  1. I make custom sized insulated attic hatches sealed with magnetic weatherstripping send us your measurements and we will send you the size you need! great for replacing existing attic hatch doors without the need to cut wood and drywall!
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  2. forget the insulation , how about those 2X4 rood rafters?
  3. that has asbestos
    that why did blow it
    please be careful
  4. You turn a huge attic into a tiny storage area. Bad idea
  5. look at all the asbestos what the hell are they doing????
  6. I think Tommy missed the mark here... This is a quick solution but overall, bad advice . I assume this old house leaks air into the attic a lot.
  7. I hate that fucking pink insulation that stuff will eat your ass up
  8. its so crazy and irresponsible to teach people to stuff even more toxic stuff in their own house so they'll get sick, allergies or even cancer breathing all this in for 24/7 .... please folks make more research on e.g. hemp materials, save and non toxic
  9. @This Old House, why didn't you do an air seal?
  10. it is better to use that roominstead of insulate it overal jesus christ this is idiotic !
  11. you have to insulate the saddleroof not your attic !
  12. Hey, this great thank you. However, I did not hear mention of a vapor barrier. Was there one needed? The old isolation that was left and added to did not seem to have one either. I have a very similar situation and I am hoping you can answer my question before I proceed with the solution you presented in this video, thank You!
  13. No mention of soffit vents or insulated attic hatches or any sort of ventilation which would be a mighty big concern with beefed up insulation.
  14. how flammable is this cellulose stuff? Is it a potential fire hazard?
  15. How do you insulate around a Central heating system in the attic ?
  16. The host states that the cellulose they just spread was insufficient according to the building code. A little misleading. ANY amount is an improvement to that existing insulation. For permitted new construction...yes. But not for this job.
  17. my attic is in a similar situation. I want to do the same thing in this video. how much will this insulatuon material cost?
  18. They ruined his attic storage. Fuck that. Figure out a different way.
  19. Waste Paper!, Waste Paper! of course we have NEVER USED IT, and Never Will. We deal with prominent builders, housing associations, landlords with hundreds of properiies, we also deal with the insulation of large hospitals, schools and army barracks, do you think we would dare APPROACH our clients with that junk. Just one whisper that we've used it would get us banned by these prominent firms. After 50 years trading do you think we are going to attempt the QUICK CON on our clients. You're market is the gullible fools, the elderly and slow witted, we deal with HOUSING ENGINEERS AND qualified architects. Take it back to the public landfill areas it came from and dump it.
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