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What Is Mesothelioma | Mesothelioma Lawsuit I How did I get mesothelioma| Mesothelioma - Mesothelioma Lawyers 2016-2017 This part 3 : he main known reason for mesothelioma is presentation to asbestos. Mesothelioma results from breathing infinitesimal asbestos filaments into the lungs or gulping them in our nourishment. Once the strands get into our bodies, they get to be stopped in our inward tissue. The body endeavors, futile, to kill the asbestos filaments. Throughout the years the body's battle against these filaments can bring about the development of scar tissue (asbestosis) and, now and again, the improvement of malignancy, including throat disease, lung tumor stomach growth, colon tumor, and mesothelioma.