Exterior House Painting Part 3 - Painting the Siding

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Visit http://www.trimlinepaintinginc.com/category/tutorial-videos/ for more tutorial videos, or to check the many other things we have to offer on our website! Ever wanted to know how to paint the outside of your house? This is the third segment in our "Exterior House Painting" series. In this segment I will tell you everything you are going to need to know about spray equipment, primers and finishes. I will also show you all the techniques and tricks that professionals use to apply these materials so that you can paint the outside of your building. Intro Music: Fireflight - Stand Up Closing Music : The Foo Fighers - Everlong Our Site: http://www.trimlinepaintinginc.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Santa-Rosa-CA/Trimline-Painting/130867683628816?ref=sgm


  1. IMPORTANT TIME SENSITIVE questions: For any and all out there.. This is the LAST time I will hire a friend for a job EVER.. Enough said. So I need to make sure this job is as good as it can be and I need your help. I have a cedar shingled house with the last paint job roughly 12 years ago. The house will be hand/roller painted not sprayed.
    - The house was scraped and power washed but still has flakes and peeling paint. How does one paint on this surface, as I do not think it can be completely removed from the shingles and concrete? Do we prime the entire house or just loose areas before we paint.
    - How many dry days should we wait to paint after powerwashing, as there wound up being some wood exposed
    - Why must one take precaution to not allow POSSIBLE lead paint go into the soil? There is also a small garden we eat from that may have some chips in it. Although there were drop cloths I am concerned if there is some toxicity to my property and how much I can really clean that up
    - Do you recommend we hand roll or rent a sprayer?
    Please fil in any other thoughts you think would be valuable. I am asking this because I am not trusting the guy who took on the job based on things his is not doing and neglected and maybe unaware of. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP>
  2. I use this product called tank constructual primer you have to brush it or run it through a spray rig but it is excellent I painted beach houses for 5 years before relocatingand rust was a big issue with all the moisture in the air coming off the ocean and rust destroyer just was not cutting it so anyone who is having major rust issues and can't find a working product Sherwin Williams has tank constructual primer
  3. where did you get extension handle? who sells or rents it?
  4. Great video. Very good presenter. Details means everything mate,thanks for that. Pro-painter. Thanks for you videos
  5. A dust mask is totally inadequate! Splurge and get a carbon filter respirator!
  6. Nice choice of music for the painting portion
  7. In that particular instance you basically need an airless that can put enough material on the surface. Some of the "consumer" airlessness may not be able to pump enough paint onto the surface in your case which would be very frustrating to work with. When I paint T1-11 I pump the material on the house with the airless and backroll the material to work it in and even everything out. If you just need the airless for this one project, I'd highly recommend renting a quality unit and be done with it.
  8. Great video. Well presented. As a home owner who will be repainting T1-11 siding how good of sprayer do I need, professional or will one of the consumer models work and if so which is best?
  9. I like the video. Except this guy must be deaf: His voice in the videos is soft while the start and finish music is terribly loud.
  10. Great Video i think one of the best i have seen on spraying
  11. How many gallons do you get out of a spray tip before you need to change it? Also what tips for what applications ?
  12. ? 4 U Can you shoot a video on set up and how to use your 695 Graco and the pressure you like and details on clean up and set up also some videos on how to spray and what to watch for and so on thank you for your great!!! Videos!!!
  13. I will take your tips and use them..thanks for the help
  14. That's pretty wild. I just checked Graco's website and it looks like everything they have went high body. I run an older Graco as my backup rig and it is a high body ridged pickup tube style. Personally I like the low bodies better with the flexible pickups. They are easier to transfer to a new bucket if you need to which tends to make things cleaner, but in the end they both do the same thing. I'm not sure I'd make it a deal breaker either way, but if you put a gun to my head I'd pick low.
  15. You prefer the lowboy over the highboy? Looks like Graco's new Ultra Max II 695 doesn't come as a lowboy
  16. Great! Thanks for all the info, well done!
  17. As a rule of thumb I typically recommend against exterior fillers for the kind of work I think you are describing. I think you are correct though, a video does need to be done to address the subject. Thank you for your input and check back soon for the video.
  18. I personally don't wear a mask when working with latex's AND when I am aplicating with either a brush or roller. I did however put on a particle mask (in this video) when I started spraying the latex, as the airless will atomized the material into the air. If this level of protection seems inadequate for you, you may want to consider a respirator with both mesh and charcoal filters.
  19. Chipping
  20. Great series, can u do a vid on chopping paint and how to sand and use filler?