Do you have vinyl asbestos floor tiles?

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23 Rating Do you have vinyl asbestos floor tiles? If you have vinyl asbestos floor tiles, it might make a difference in what you ultimately do to your floors. If the vinyl asbestos floor tiles are done nice & tight to the floor, you could encapsulate them & go over them with a laminate flooring or hardwood flooring or carpet & pad or even another layer of vinyl tiles being the vinyl composite floor tiles. There's lots of things you can do before you even think of removing &/or scraping up the vinyl asbestos flooring. Vinyl asbestos floor tiles are virtually impossible to take up without cracking them & once you crack the vinyl asbestos floor tiles that's when you release the asbestos into the atmosphere & you don't want that. Joe has encountered an older floor & it has vinyl floor tiles down. Are they asbestos vinyl tiles? That's what this video is about....


  1. Please take this video down. You are putting people at risk who are not reading the comments! This is the worst way possible for dealing with possible asbestos.
  2. Let's not exaggerate things. The exposure typically needs to be significant to be a serious risk. Asbestos is still in use in many products today. You actually breath it in and don't even realize it. People love to exploit the fear factor, especially if there is money involved , like asbestos services. Asbestos removal is expensive because companies exploit the fear to justify the HUUUUGE markup on costs.

    Also many people just hear the word and don't know anything else about it.
  3. Asbestos has no smell. This video is irresponsible and dangerous. I have been in the restoration industry for 17 years and recently certified as an Asbestos Abatement Supervisor. If you do not have concern for your own health remember you can contaminate the entire building. There is a lot you do not understand with Asbestos NEVER SMELL it.
  4. is ths guy retarded? where is his ppe!
  5. some 12x12 are asbestos also…u cant smell or taste asbestos. if you are not sure have it tested. The only reason the tiles in this video were covered with carpet is because they were asbestos and no one told this guy.
  6. that is asbestos and that man is a dead man lol smell the tiles lol wtf
  7. Im a water damage tech and I just got did a house a few weeks ago which had tile like that and the "black mastic" came back postive for asbestos and the tiles them selves. I feel bad for you and I hope you clean your equipment and never bring home work clothes/equipment. Never take a dumb luck guess, do the testing be safe and protect youself.
  8. I am worried because in our garden we have an asbestos shed. The walls at made from asbestos and so it the corrugated roofing.
  9. I am worried if it had contained asbestos
  10. The house what my parents bought was 1937, UK. They asked me to use a 'vaporetto' steamer, to lift up the vinyl tiles in the bathroom, so I did. It smelt so bad, they were old tiles, and it had a distinct smell, it had left.a dirty brown adhesive liquid/gel on the floor, there was some tiles that were easily lifted by a chisel, and some were hard. The tiles sometimes broke off. It was thin, black and white patterned tiles.
  11. lol wtf smell testing for Asbestos!!?? i guess you'll find out for sure a few years down the track when you develop lung cancer. dumbest thing ive seen in a long time
  12. lol wtf smell testing for Asbestos!!?? i guess you'll find out for sure a few years down the track when you develop lung cancer. dumbest thing ive seen in a long time
  13. smelling Asbestos, best idea ever!
  14. first off, I'm an asbestos worker in Minnesota. Each state has their own guide lines pertaining to removal and/or testing of suspected asbestos containing materials. General rule of thumb, Do not smell it after breaking a piece of the tile. those fibers are so small you have to have a microscope to see them. That's how u it starts. Anything from lung cancer to stomach cancer. its not just a lung issue. I have done this for about ten years now. the cut off started in the 60s but that was mainly in commercial settings and hadn't been enforced in residential until the 80s. Keep in mind that was only new construction that was actually inspected. its outlawed in the U.S. but over the years, its slips through the cracks and is imported into the country via mexico and canada. It most certainly can be that thin AND that easy to come up. I have had couple hundred sq ft pulled up in about an hour and then 5 sq ft take a few hours. its in all building materials window glazing roofing sheet rock linoleum siding steam pipes tar paper brick mortor. another rule is anything from the early 80s back is PACM which is presumed asbestos containing material. like i said each state is different but here if its your own house u can tear it out. if it is a rental u are required to contact out the work. if its alot or commercial no matter what state has to be notified. Good work practice wear a mask with proper hepa filter(usually magenta in color) and keep it wet. the dust is what gets you. hope this helps!
  15. I have tested the black tar stuff from one of my houses and did contain 3% asbestos. Used something called Bean e Do to removed it and it came off very easy turned into an oil type liquid. Now I am trying to remove these tiles from a other house but yeah they are very thin etc.
  16. Just broke a whole lot of it don't know if it's this material thoe
  17. If you have any questions later or anytime just shoot me a email. Always willing to help new friends or maybe one day I can ask you a question.
  18. Yes true just gotta spray water down to keep dust when scraping. Plus I would think mastic maybe has a low percentage of asbestos I know plumbers that used to carry asbestos boards in the back of work trucks and cut it without any protection for years and he's almost in his 80s now. So it just all depends on who the person is I guess that gets exposed.
  19. That's what we use at work