DEADLY DUST: Asbestos in the Backyard

Author: Matthew Adams
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A new Interstate Highway and a land grab are in the works in the El Dorado Valley, which lies between the cities of Henderson and Boulder City. The rugged McCullough mountains tower over the valley as a natural barrier between the two cities. Scientists who have done extensive sampling or rocks from the McCullough's say the mountains are loaded with natural asbestos.


  1. This must be scary for you Americans in the affected areas.
  2. American leaders favourite sayings include " The air is safe to breath "
  3. What's going on America
  4. 46:28 That music sounds familiar. Where is it from?
  5. It's time to sue the heck out of any entity that suppresses this information, it is a criminal action. LIARS saying that it is not a public health risk, disgusting.
  6. The reasons for preventing the geologists from releasing their findings seem bureaucratic at best and a cover-up at worst.  Why could the Nevada state health official not retrospectively review the report and retrospectively give the geologists permission to publish?  I wonder whether they were more concerned about the economic impact of the clean-up/containment of asbestos ore and the economic effect an asbestos scare might have on the Las Vegas tourist trade? Call me cynical, but methinks I am right!Well done to news reporter George Knapp and his news crew for exposing this cover-up and bringing the issue into the public domain, and thus embarrassing the bureaucrats involved in supressing the geologists’ findings!
  7. George, you've done it again.
  8. Wow. Great story, great cinematography... great work.