COPD Exacerbation - CRASH! Medical Review Series

Author: Paul Bolin
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(Disclaimer: The medical information contained herein is intended for physician medical licensing exam review purposes only, and are not intended for diagnosis of any illness. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should consult your physician or seek immediate medical attention.)


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  2. No survival goes more with the Bode system....Fev....numbers are most generally all over the place...and many of the hospital personnel giving the test...don't know what they are doing!!!! Did 2 years in hell, because of one....different hospital, different machine oh what a difference!!! so...if the person doesn't seem to know what they are doing they don't....get not take the'll regret it!!!!
  3. Thanks, you help me a lot
  4. hi Paul! I've  got  questions if you don't mind. 1) I've heard of hypoxic drive in COPD exacerbations whereby 02 levels should Not be very high. So what is the cut off point for the 02 saturation level?       2) B agonist - high dose. Do we give them long acting B Agonist? --> for both outpatient and inpatient management?