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FOR SALE : -- How to remove glued carpet. "Taylor Hybrid Optimum Bronco Floor Stripper" riding floor scrapper machine. This machine mechanically rips up existing flooring for time sensitive projects. The machine is also used for removing flooring when existing floor is well adhered to sub-floor and other methods have failed. The Bronco is electric and can be used in occupied buildings and has no odor. Also the bronco is the only riding machine that has the torque to rip up flooring with unbelievable effectiveness and has a width of 29 inches. Which gives this machine clear advantages to get into doorways that other machines cannot. $MART MOVE


  1. These units are great. Very fast at almost 300ft per min & one of the only machines that can be ran as a corded unit or strictly off its batteries. As we rent and sell these machines I suggest keeping the area swept clean so the tires can have better traction as well as eliminate the debris from pushing the blade up on top of the material to be removed.