Clear and present danger: Asbestos exposed

Author: WorkSafeQueensland
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The film shows common places where asbestos can be found in a typical Queensland home built before 1990, when asbestos was commonly used as a construction material. There are a host of safety tips to consider during renovation to prevent exposing yourself or others to asbestos fibres.


  1. go watch the video of Russians standing in asbestos mines without a mask or anything... not smart but this minimal exposure is not going to shorten your life like they are making it out to seem... it takes regular long term exposure
  2. I have a message for this woman: get rid of that house and buy something recent without asbestos. You live in an asbestos nightmare and it will affect your health over time.
  3. great video. best one out there. ty for sharing
  4. that girl should run for the hills if u can but I fear it already to late for her damm asbestos is more evil than Hitler why God why
  5. In the UK, we banned asbestos in the mid 1980s. But White asbestos could be used until 1999. With a partial ban from 1992.
  6. Great video clearly explaining the common areas asbestos can be found. Remember if you are unsure call your local professional to get some testing and sampling done.
  7. is their a % number that if the rating is below, the asbestos does not need to be professionally removed??
  8. why am i watching this? lol
  9. house fire was next door and now we have heaps of asbestos on our driveway :/
  10. what accent is it by the way lol?
  11. Agreed
  12. so this poor girl was just told her house she bought is covered with asbestos...