Clean Cut Abatement, Michigan: Zonolite Removal

Author: Clean Cut Abatement, MI
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Clean Cut Abatement's team of asbestos abatement technicians remove Zonolite brand vermiculite insulation from an attic using containment, proper PPE, and HEPA vacuums.


  1. looks like my attic. how much does it cost
  2. Looks like shoddy work fellas. "Containment" doesn't appear to have negative airflow draw, based on poly flaps at decon. Only one negative air machine? Where is manometer reading showing adequate negative pressure differential? Why have negative air machine directly adjacent to decon, this leaves inadequate air pressure at furthest areas of work zone. Half-face negative-pressure respirators, really?? No apparent worker exposure air monitoring? Workers should be in minimum of full-face PAPR's.  VAI abatement work often involves airborne fiber concentrations averaging between 1-10 f/cc, well above protection factor for half-face NPR. Did not observe wetting-agent application or applicator in work area. DRY REMOVAL?  Non-HEPA Shop-vacs for vacuums? Waste bags not vac-sealed and waste material dry? Oh no, was that a BROOM in the regulated work area? You guys do know there appears to be several issues of non-compliance and that several regulatory violations seem to be present in this video, right? The list goes on. Was this the house in Auburn Hills, or was this job not notified?
  3. Why not plastic off the the part of the celling that is missing and and run and the hose through the roof? Add two roof vents. One for the hose and one to enter and exit from.