Classic Opie & Anthony: Vince McMahon Killed In Limo Explosion (06/12-27/07, 12/21/07)

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Vince McMahon tragically died in a limo explosion during the summer of 2007. The show explores the news coverage devoted to this accident, with Sam acting as WWE spokesperson. When Chris Benoit solved a little problem he was having, it forced Vince to stop being dead. Months later, Vince himself calls into the show. 00:00:00 - 00:16:13 - 06/12/07 00:16:16 - 00:34:28 - 06/13/07 00:34:32 - 01:08:25 - 06/14/07 01:08:28 - 01:25:00 - 06/15/07 01:25:03 - 01:48:16 - 06/19/07 01:48:19 - 01:57:14 - 06/26/07 01:57:18 - 01:59:08 - 06/27/07 01:59:11 - 02:07:47 - 12/21/07 ----- To listen to The Opie & Anthony Show live, five days a week between 6am-10am ET on XM 103 / Sirius 206, subscribe to Sirius XM over at For a free 30 day trial, sign up at If you don't live in the United States, you can subscribe via Audible: Please support the show if you like what they do. - @OandAShow: - @OpieRadio: - @AnthonyCumia: - @JimNorton: - @NotSam: - @ErockRadio: - @TravisTefft: - Opie & Anthony Facebook: - Opie Radio Facebook: - Jim Norton Facebook: - Opie & Anthony Reddit: - Opie & Anthony Instagram: - Opie & Anthony 1 Month Audible Subscription: - Opie & Anthony 12 Month Audible Subscription: - Opie & Anthony Podcast: - Sirius XM: - Sirius XM Free Trial: - Opie & Anthony Channel:


  1. I remember watching the explosion live and I thought it was legit lol
  3. ...and then that ASS Chris Benoit had to kill his family and steal Vince's thunder!
  4. Taz is fucking awesome.
  5. wow Opie stinks
  6. Opie at his absolute worst.
  7. The only people who came out of this "bit" looking stupid is O&A. They spent 2 hours talking about a wrestling storyline.
  8. Opie was actually contributing some funny lines here... wtf?? That was outta left field for me. Ant seemed surprised how funny he was at times too haha.
  9. What are Opie and Anthony trying to say, exactly? It isn't as though WWE's plan could possibly have been to perpetually claim that Vince McMahon was dead.
  10. i think this assassination ties in with 9/11, where was jesse on this?????????
  11. More like a "right ham man"
  12. I had requested this a while back..thank you for the upload this is one of my favorite bits
  13. He's not died
  14. The picture for this video looked like a close up of a pepperoni pizza at first glance before I clicked on it
  15. Does Sam have Diabetes yet?
  16. All this time spending on finding out if this staged event is a staged event. What about actual staged events?
  17. And then our dear sweet president flew the flag at half mast for Whitney Houston. Good fucking job.
  18. that thumbnail keeps making me think its a cheese pizza haha. i really liked when they talked about wrestling or had any sort of wrestling additions to the show it made it really interesting and it was a switch of pace. one of the shows though opie said people were complaining there was to much wrestling talk and i havent heard anything wrestling related since then. once again the fans ruin the show now all we hear is fucking florentine unfunny ass and horrible music knowledge everyday
  19. WE NEED ANSWERS! lmaoooooo
  20. 1:59:26 
    Also the Taz segment was funny as hell.