Building an Abatement Enclosure for Asbestos, Lead, Mold or Dust Control

Author: Robin Moseley
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OAI, Inc. students demonstrate how to build an Abatement Enclosure for Asbestos, Lead, Mold or Dust Control. This is sponsored by the USEPA ARRA Kansas City Brownfields 2012 Job Training Partnership environment training program. This video was produced under Grant Number: 2J-97708901-0 with OAI, Inc. as the Grantee and ERA Environmental & Safety Partner as well as Metropolitan Energy Center Partner.


  1. critical barriers are 2 indepent layers of poly
  2. Excellent video very educational two thumbs up!👍👍
  3. No mention of a smoke test to check enclosure integrity?! How'd you know it's totally sealed?
  4. Why us it products like zipwall not used? This method is tough
  5. Too many people prepping. I do this task by myself. Good vid though.
  6. Clear job guys, I don't understand why some people in out there still doing an asbestos removal without a correct procedure.
  7. Great. Thanks for sharing. We have subscribed. Hope, you will subscribed our channel too. We have uploaded few videos about our work. Hope, you will like it
  8. Hey. Double the floors first so your seams are facing down from the wall. Water won't go under it. poly walls with inside corners separately. don't use a big piece. the neg air is going to make it balloon in. (staples or not). Put a ceiling in instead of patching between the floor joists above you. easier to wipe down, as wood is porous and can hold a fiber.
  9. Way to many boys on site?
  10. I mean yes u are
  11. I'm a foggy
  12. wow! this is a joke right? come down to south ontario we will show you how to do it the right way.
  13. reat insult that as it may not carry the appropriate filter fans more breathing masks this is mediocrity
  14. Now you know why I am asking $ 8,000.00 to paint the inside of your old house.
  15. Are you real! American asbestos removal is a joke! The shit cowboy company's in the uk are miles better than these jokers!
    Tell the American to come over here to be taught how to do the job properly
  16. GREAT VIDEO...
  17. What a great video.Really useful for insurance claims. Is this part of your agenda?
  18. Thank you for the feedback Justin. We wanted this information to be useful.
  19. I am new to asbestos and really did enjoy this video. Thank you for making such a well done and informative video to help all of us newbies with a more visual awareness training tool. God bless you guys. Thank you. :)
  20. Good comments - all workers do have physicals fit test pulmonary function.