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Download high quality version Asbestos is a tough, heat-resistant mineral that was added to the building materials of many older homes. It can pose health hazards to workers and homeowners who renovate or demolish those homes. This animation shows how asbestos fibres could damage lung tissue and lead to lung disease.


  1. well duh they being stupid noy wearing. a mask
  2. Those fibers look sharp...
  3. awesome video. Excellent work. learnt a lot from this video.
  4. Medical-science or some smart person should find a way to cleanse the inner human body of asbestos!.
  5. Out in Las Vegas, Nevada, there is "naturally occurring asbestos." See George Knapp's (KLAS-TV CBS) report called "Deadly Dust"
  6. كل الشكر لك الاخ سعود العتيبي ع الفيديو ..
  7. The old part of my school was closed down by asbestos because a teacher was exposed
  8. There seems to be a lot of disregarding of the dangers of asbestos. Asbestos is lethal! Some organisms, usually the least useful of a species, are very resistant to toxins initially. LD50 is the lethal dose necessary to kill 50% of a sample population. Different people, different doses, different results. Asbestos is a fish hook that anchors in the lungs forever, and usually takes decades to manifest into medical problems, long after exposure has been forgotten. Sadly, it is often the stubborn husband's wife that dies of cancer because the husband was "too clever" and too cheap to do a job properly. Please use all precautions to protect the health of everyone.
  9. after the asbestos has been removed, how do we get rid of it? it cannot be burned
  10. when I was a kid, and in school a buidling was thrown down it had those old white asbestos plates and some where left after it and we kids liked to break them and I also tired once as a kid without knowing it to take a knive and use it against a old asbestos cable without knowing it... it was back in 2000-2002 when I was 9-11 year old... do I have to worry about it? its like 13 years ago now.
  11. Great video, we love seeing videos like this helping people understand the risks and dangers of asbestos. Education is the key to eradicating the problem.
  12. What are the risks from a one time exposure? I guess it depends on the volume inhaled and perhaps the age of affected.
  13. Very informative and a very real danger. So many properties here in Australia are looking to remove any trace of asbestos, especially in Brisbane. Thanks for sharing, great video.
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  15. My grandad tried removing this asbestos as it was his job .. As he got older he got sick and died because of asbestos disease :(
  16. Banned across the world  the killer Asbestos continoues to plague Pakistan.  
  17. Thank you for sharing this priceless info. 

    This is serious stuff PERIOD 
  18. Everytime I hear Asbestos I cant breath for that moment especially after watching this video. 
  19. The smallest fibers are thought to be small enough that they can tangle with chromosomes, which will interfere with mitosis which would lead to cancer.
  20. This made me cringe.