Asbestos vinyl tile removal - recommendation

Author: Angela Rose
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Lowes' sub-contractors would not finish the job when they found vinyl tile under the ceramic tile. I was told by Lowes that the job could not be finish until after a certified abatement company had remove the vinyl tile and cleaned up any sign of asbestos. My research found that the safe thing to do is NOT remove the tile, which would only disturb the asbestos. Here's the link to the EPA regarding asbestos removal: A license contractor carefully removed the remaining ceramic tile, put a sealant on top of any exposed vinyl tile (base boards were on top of the vinyl tile), then laid the new tile. As of to date Lowe's has not remove the charge for labor posted to my Lowe's account.


  1. what ended up happening? I'm in the same boat as your right now. I haven't slept all night and I'm worried about the health of my family and the workers too