Asbestos testing in Vermiculite/Zonolite Insulation

Author: Stepan Reut
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Presented by : Vermiculite products may contain asbestos. This video explains testing procedure used by a professional laboratory. All instruments and supplies used in this video can be ordered from LCSAIRTEST. We also offer laboratory testing for asbestos.


  1. Exposure to asbestos has caused so many serious health problems.
  2. My plants died from this
  3. Oh my god.. And on the head too. How horrible!
  4. thats nothing, my dad used to beat me with an asbestos pipe, so quit crying and die happy knowing that at least it brought some form of pleasure in your life
  5. Dear zzsql, We are an Asbestos Accredited laboratory (AIHA accreditation). We have years of experience in analysis of Vermiculite samples. You can place your order with us through our web portal placed at the video footnotes. We need around "sandwich size" Ziploc bag of a sample. Thank you for your interest.
  6. I found a bag of Zonolite insulation in my attic yesterday. I put on a heavy respirator and removed it safely and don't see any other bags. (Also showered and scrubbed afterwards.) Only later did I read online about the possible presence of asbestos in the material so I'm glad I took the precaution before moving the stuff. Are you qualified to test this stuff if I send you a sample?
  7. When I was a kid, our dad would line the bottom of the charcoal grille with this stuff. We played with it... It was like little "accordions" we'd scrunch between our fingers. Dad would rip open a new bag, and pour it into the grille, with us all standing around him. My God...
  8. Thank you for your kind comments. I analyze "asbestos" samples every day. Not every sample contains asbestos. As for vermiculite samples, asbestos content changes from area to area. In SW Ontario, Canada it is only 2% chance that your sample is above the limit. Starting February 2011, my lab will offer asbestos test for public at LCSAIRTEST (to see other tests, please Google for this name)
  9. Thanks for posting video.