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5 Rating Testing for Asbestos in your home or business and having it removed may be an urgent health matter. At Exclusive Testing Labs we provide all the environmental and abatement services you might require, including asbestos testing and removal, lead paint testing, water treatments, and air quality testing. We serve both personal houses and business locations, and our prompt inspections and attention to detail are our highest priorities. No project is too large or too small for us, so give us a call today! (718) 239-2347 Exclusive Testing Labs 1136 Neill Ave, Bronx, NY 10461 Environmental Testing Westchester County NY Asbestos Removal Westchester County NY Mold Removal White Plains NY Mold Testing White Plains NY Lead Paint Testing Westchester County NY Mold Removal Westchester NY Mold Testing Westchester NY Mold in House Mold Inspection Asbestos in House Asbestos Inspection Asbestos Removal White Plains NY Air Quality Testing Westchester NY Mold Inspection Westchester NY Asbestos Inspection Westchester NY Environmental health hazards may exist in seemingly safe environments. It's a beautiful spring day at the Brandons' home. Everything appears fine on the surface. Just a few inches away, mold has been growing inside their walls releasing spores that contaminate the air and may cause respiratory illnesses. The Brandons' house was built before 1978. They don't know it, but the old paint on their windows, walls, and door frames contains lead. Lead can be very dangerous to your family, especially for young children and pets. Another environmental hazard you may come across is asbestos, particularly in homes built before 1970. It's most commonly found in nine-by-nine inch floor tiles and heat pipe insulation. Anytime asbestos-containing materials are disturbed, they release potentially hazardous fibers into the air. These environmental hazards are not only bad for your family's and your pet's health, they can be very bad for your pocket as well. When trying to sell your house, any asbestos, mold, or lead will seriously devalue your property and could even prevent you from selling it altogether. At Exclusive Testing Labs, we can help you prevent and remediate all this damage. With more than 23 years of experience in environmental testing, our highly skilled professionals use state-of-the-art technology to identify the scope of your environmental issues and to implement the most efficient and cost effective solutions from asbestos testing and removal to mold testing and remediation, or lead paint testing and removal. Exclusive Testing Labs are US EPA and NYSDOL certified professionals. Don't let environmental hazards surprise you. Call 718-239-2347, or click on the link below for a free consultation. To learn more, click here: Video production, video search engine optimization and video marketing provided by Video SEO Pro, Inc. Generate more leads, more traffic to your website and more sales using video marketing. To learn more give us a call at (914) 368-9600 or click the link below.


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  2. Asbestos Testing is crucial to ensuring the safety of your home or workspace.

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