Asbestos Roof Removal & Roof Replacement Video

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In this video Reliance Roof Restoration ( Managing Director Justin Eldershaw shares with you why you should consider replacing your asbestos roof. He runs through the process of safely removing your asbestos roof and replacing it with a brand new colorbond roof.


  1. Informative video Justin, great to see your spreading the word on the dangers of asbestos. Keep up the good work.
  2. well presented
  3. PVA Glue is a great solution to reduce the chance of hazardous fibers getting releasing into the air.
  4. Sorry, didn't see that at first. I noticed they are wearing gloves when picking up the roof, but not unscrewing it. What types of gloves are used for this operation and what happens to the safety equipment after performing a job like this? Also, would there be any lingering particles after removal? Thanks
  5. I really would expect those guys to be wearing some gloves for this job. It's interesting to see them wearing hazard suits, yet the part of their body that comes into contact with the asbestos the most not being protected. Can you tell me why that is?
  6. very impressed by that video & safety standards, too bad your not in Sydney.