Asbestos Removal Open Day Manchester July 2015

Author: Northern Insulation Contractors LLP
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At NIC we are proud to be one of the leading asbestos removal contractors in the UK. We have achieved this through our dedication to excellence and by maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and a philosophy of working closely with our customers throughout the whole project. We aim to help our clients understand more about all aspects of asbestos removal projects. By its very nature the specialist work of asbestos removal is carried out in an enclosure and only essential staff have access. Through our events we aim to show project managers and other professional involved in works what goes on inside a typical asbestos removal enclosure and decontamination unit. By allowing clients full access to the inner workings of an asbestos removal project we can give them a better understanding of the considerations when planning and managing such a project, including: - Types and Use of Asbestos Removal Equipment - Enclosure Set-up and Fault Finding - Surveying and Abatement Specifications Presentation 5 - Notification of Works - Asbestos Removal Procedures - Site Set-up and Clearance - Waste Segregation and Transit - Impacts of Asbestos Removal on Buildings and Building Users - Confined Space and Emergency Rescue