Asbestos Removal Cape Town, Western Cape

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Asbestos Removal Cape Town, Western Cape. - Safe removal of all types of Asbestos roofing - Safe removal of Asbestos rainwater goods - Asbestos roof maintenance and assessments - Re-roofing/ re-cladding - Roof insulation - Asbestos and rubble skip removal - Rubble skip hire - Roof painting, sealing and waterproofing - Registered Asbestos Contractor with Department of Labour - Safe work plans Asbestos-Containing Products Common to many asbestos-containing products is that they are used to contain heat (thermal insulation). It is impossible to list all the products that contain asbestos. Some of the common asbestos-containing products are: pipe-covering insulating cementinsulating block asbestos cloth gaskets packing materials thermal seals refractory and boiler insulation materials transite board asbestos cement pipe fireproofing spray joint compound vinyl floor tiling ceiling tiles mastics adhesives coatings acoustical textures duct insulation ventilation and air-conditioning roofing products insulated electrical wire and panels brake and clutch assemblies


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