Asbestos: Nevada's Toxic Threat

Author: Matthew Adams
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Asbestos: Nevada's Toxic Threat A new scientific paper alleges that southern Nevadans are being exposed to unhealthy levels of asbestos and that people might be dying as a result. The I-Team has compiled numerous stories and interactive elements to look at Nevada's Toxic Threat.


  1. what the hell, im wearing the 3d glasses you get at the amc theaters and I dont see 3D effect on here. hmmm....:/
  2. They don't wanna spend the money to save lives
  3. asbestos is everywhere get used to it! we all breath fibers everyday no matter were you live
  4. asbestos in its natural state is low risk. You get higher risk from your local HVAC contractor changing the aircon filters in your 1970's office block.
  5. OK listen up everybody! humans are very prone to cancer. this world has always been trying to murder us .the only difference now is that you all just realized it. you can freak out write your congressman burn your house down and run away but where ever you go something else will be waiting for you to slip up and bam you just inhaled black mold and your new house is infested with snakes,gas leak ,sink hole, flood, other humans, this world will kill you sooner or later if you all could accept your fate the powers that be would trust us with information that they hide from us now
  6. Time to move under the ocean.
  7. There is a Loophole in the law preventing researchers from publishing, the researchers "accidently" leave copies of the research at a friends house and then friend publishes it, as he is not a researcher, he is not bound by the rules
  8. The reasons for preventing the geologists from releasing their findings seem bureaucratic at best and a cover-up at worst.  Why could the Nevada state health official not retrospectively review the report and retrospectively give the geologists permission to publish?  I wonder whether they were more concerned about the economic impact of the clean-up/containment of asbestos ore and the economic effect an asbestos scare might have on the Las Vegas tourist trade? Call me cynical, but methinks I am right!Well done to news reporter George Knapp and his news crew for exposing this cover-up and bringing the issue into the public domain, and thus embarrassing the bureaucrats involved in supressing the geologists’ findings!