Asbestos Fibro compared to Villaboard

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Asbestos Fibro Sheeting compared to modern day Villaboard. What they look like and what they break like. DO NOT break anything that you think could be Asbestos unless it is fully wet down by soaking overnight in a bucket of water. I am a licensed Asbestos Removalist, and have taken great care in preparing this sample. I am also wearing a protective face shield. A side note: Asbestos fibres do not enter your body through your skin. They can enter through your eyes, ears, nose and mouth. All of these entry points lead to your stomach or lungs. (Yes your ears drain into your throat and your eyes drain into your sinuses)


  1. We played with shingles on our parents house that they now say is asbestos back in the 50's and 60's. Used them playing softball in our yard. Guess what? It didn't hurt any of us.
  2. That stuff at the start of the video he said is normal - asbestos fibro can look exactly like this!!! The only way to tell is by a lab test, my shed had fibro sheets that looked like the 'safe' stuff you showed at the start of the video, and it was chrisotyle asbestos
  3. The only way to tell is to test in a lab, that stuff with layers could
    Still contain 5-7% white asbestos
  4. I used this method and the boards I have break / split into layers. There's no golf ball dimples on the back - looks exactly like your non-asbestos sheet in this video. I got a sample anyway (because I'm paranoid) and sent it to the lab. It came back positive for White Chrysotile Asbestos. I'm not trying to be a sick in the mud, I'm just concerned now that looking for layers is not 100% the right thing to look for.

    Here's what it looked like
  5. Thanks for that....cleared things up for me.
  7. my old house burned down from asbestos it was a big house
  8. that stabilisation is like being on shrooms
  9. lol I just had Asbestos at work without them telling us anything :O
  10. arent you worried about touching it...and breaking it? you got it all over you and maybe breathed it in
  11. My understanding is that if you see the large dimples it just means you shouldn't waste your money testing, because it's definitely asbestos, but a lack of dimples is no guarantee that you're in the clear.