Asbestos Fibres - How your lungs are effected - Asian Ban Asbestos Video,English

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A Video showing how Asbestos fibres enter your lungs and cause harm


  1. my dad's suffering really bad from breathing problems because of this asbesto and on 24/7 watch also as permanent oxygen housebound because he keeps having panic attacks that could stop him breathing for good. It's really upsetting that my dad can't even have a lung transplant because his age and the fact ed he also on top as heart disease and know he won't make coming out operation.. its horrible watching him suffer and can't do anything than help him get comfortable. my dad already died on op table once because of his breathing I just wish there was a cure
  2. I could have done without the beeping side effects, but I thank you very much for this video. It's the only one that I've been able to find that I can show students in a medical program that is brief and gets to the point of how asbestos causes cancer. Perfect - well done.
  3. This video gives me anxiety