Asbestos Exposure & Risks of Inhaling The Fibers

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48 Rating - What asbestos is? Learn more about asbestos fibers and how they spread in the air and may harm your health. Inhalation of asbestos fibers process and the cancers they cause: mesothelioma(the most common cancer caused by asbestos) and other asbestos cancers and health issues. 559-759-MESO


  1. This automated voice always make everything terrifying
  2. this speech bots is so annoying asbestos asbestos asbestos fiber fiber fiber
  3. i fucking snort this shit its gucci
  4. How much exposure does it take to get a asbestos related disease?
  5. there are many nails and holes in my room, and there is probably asbestos in here. i was right there when they were drilled in..... i also clawed at a decaying piece of wall by a window alot when i was younger, that had a slightly furry/hair like substance behind it.. i was at it all the time. i'm fucked, aren't i? :)
  7. Many People do not know the risk of Asbestos until it's too late. Sadly almost if not all the Asbestos related disease are not cured and Fibers can stay in your clothing affecting your love ones also.I urge all of you to take An Asbestos Awareness class. Training is your best bet to know how to protect yourself ...before its too late. 
  8. I work in roofing, just a week ago i found out shingles are made up of 90% asbestos.. this type of stuff scares me i started wearing a mask.. i hope to live till my 70s im 20 but i highly doubt it.. :/
  9. Roofing tear off? Asbestos fiberglass??? This stuff is scarey i still wanna live 40+ years more
  10. I am also, How many times do we enter a work area for evaluation and it's a snow storm or pipe & elbow debris is all over the floor. After 25 years, who is going to help us ? People don't realize the years we take off our life to make a living. Stay healthy rebelsam1987.
  11. Which god? Zeus? Assuming you don't believe in him...
  12. Great video!
  13. there is a need to completely eliminate this poison from our society. this should be a collective effort.
  14. im a professional asbestos remover and i can tell you that the blue kind of sbestos is the dangerous type but rockwool is also bad and maybe its even worse than asbestos.
  15. i agreed withyou sr , they are careless
  16. I still think that pink panther insulation is twice is bad for your lungs !
  17. and hey, over 20 years from now, this will be a joke to cure! And we still have The Lord to protect us.
  18. as they say: high concentrations over a long period of time, you are not the only one who experieced some nasty job for short time but avoid it , I have to make a new slogan here: avoid it as it is asbestos. By the way go t your family doctor and say the same as you sayd to me. Know that very day some camion transports rejected asbestos, so every one comes in contact with it 9/11 workers got ill after long exposure not in one day But talk to the doctor, I am no doctor yes you 'll be ok!
  19. i know last year i removed about 3/4meters squared of asbestos floor tiles in my old house... about 5 or 6 tiles broke and it was a nasty job... was choking on the air. at the time i didnt know what it was :/ i hope ill be alright, i was only helping mum and dad out :/