Asbestos Exposure Explained

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Asbestos is a tough, heat-resistant mineral that was added to the building materials of many older homes. It can pose health hazards to workers and homeowners who renovate or demolish those homes. This animation shows how asbestos fibres could damage lung tissue and lead to lung disease. Presented by WorkSafe BC


  1. Three years of exposure... pray I can recover.
  2. I had worked at a school. In the large attic/ceiling area were cement asbestos sheet walls. Over the years different people had smashed holes through the walls to form doorways and holes for air con ducts. All the debris remained where it fell. Some air conditioner men came to work there and told my supervisor that they would not work there cause of the asbestos. My supervisor told the men it had been tested and was not asbestos. The men then went up there to work. I told my supervisor I thought it was asbestos. Anyway that supervisor left and a new one arrived. When I had to work there I was very careful not to disturb the asbestos. On two occasions I told the new supervisor about the issue but it was not looked into. I then sent away a sample to be tested and it came back positive to asbestos. I then politely presented the report to a higher boss saying the issue should be looked at. By my action of getting the test I was accused of trying to undermine my supervisor. And me doing that was listed as one of the main reasons for my sacking. The school had different men service the air con but I believe they came from The Entire group air conditioning or BNK air conditioning. I don't blame people if they don't believe my story is true. But I are telling total truth and a lot is documented. There are still bosses who will not follow rules. If people wished to read more about my story google warning to employees test blog and google innuendo test blog and google white lies test blog
  3. Can you tell if asbestos is going up your nose, or are you unaware?
  4. and did you know canada is the number one exporter to third world countries? Of what you say? Asbestos of course. The are number one. India is the number one buyer. Good luck to the both of you.
  5. Esa porquería y llo travajando en demolition por 5 años sin saber pienso q tengo los pulmones llenos d esa porquería