Asbestos Awareness Safety Training

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Let's be careful out there! Asbestos is a very real hazard in performing telecommunications installations for fios, uverse, comcast, directtv, or even the bottom rung of the communications ladder, Dishnetwork.


  1. Older building portfolio's such as the Telecom industry are loaded with asbestos. From floor tiles, pipe insulation to arc shutes. Ever drill into flooring? Run cable in a CO over pipe insulation? Replace sprinkler or fire detector head attached to sprayon insulation? Remove fire stop putty opening a cable hole? Cut hole into cement panel in transformer vault? Fix a leaking insulated domestic water line? Maintenance a boiler? Take static and velocity pressure readings in a HVAC duct? You may have been exposed. And as department personnel and budgets shrink, management of the asbestos diminishes and the risk of exposure increases.
  2. Industrialization has killed millions of people.
  3. Chapter 18 Asbestos

    Don't the governments in Europe have Lobbyists ?

    Documenting the Hazardous Effects of Asbestos

    As early as 1897, an Austrian doctor attributed pulmonary troubles in one of his patients to the inhalation of asbestos dust. An 1898 report regarding the asbestos manufacturing process in England, where factories had been routinely inspected since 1833 to protect the health and safety of workers, cited "widespread damage and injury of the lungs, due to the dusty surrounding of the asbestos mill."

    In 1906, the first documented death of an asbestos worker from pulmonary failure was recorded by Dr. Montague Murray at London's Charring Cross Hospital. The autopsy of the 33-year-old victim revealed large amounts of asbestos fibers in his lungs. Reports of worker deaths from "fibrosis" in asbestos plants in Italy and France echoed studies in the U.S. that suggested that asbestos workers were dying unnaturally young. And as early as 1908, insurance companies in the U.S. and Canada began decreasing coverage and benefits, while increasing premiums, for workers employed in the asbestos industry.

    No Asbestos Ban in the US

    Asbestos is still not banned in the United States. A 1989 ruling issued by the Environmental Protection Agency banning most asbestos-containing products was overturned by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans in 1991 under pressure from the asbestos industry. Although it is still a legal commodity that appears in many building and common household products, asbestos use has declined considerably in the U.S.

    The last U.S. asbestos mine closed in 2002, ending more than a century of the country's asbestos production. And although the United States has always been a major importer of asbestos, historically providing only a small percentage of the world's supply, it was always the world's largest consumer.

    And you thought Obama's and Monsanto's GMO's and Prescription Drugs were bad.
  4. I understand that this video was produced long before the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, but it is worth mentioning- when the two main towers of the World Trade Center collapsed, the debris contained plenty of asbestos, which eyewitnesses, firefighters, police officers, and paramedics all inhaled, many of whom developed symptoms of asbestos exposure years later.
  5. Great video. Very informative and interesting to watch. Thanks for posting.
  6. Where can I get this video in a downloadable format. I would like to use this in a safety training class.