Asbestos and Demolition. Owner Builder Series. Episode 4.

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Welcome to Episode 4 of DIY For Knuckleheads Owner Builder Series. This Episode delves into the world of demolition and how caution should be strictly adhered to when dealing with asbestos. This is the lead up video to my how to remove and dispose of asbestos with my special guest Peter Green from Green Bros Asbestos Removal. Here are Peters contact details: Green Brothers Asbestos Removal Ph: Peter on 0448 19 8557 Email: Green Brothers Asbestos Removal is the only local business in Coffs Harbour that specialises in removing Asbestos material.With two highly qualified supervisors, Green Brothers Asbestos Removal applies the highest of standards in removing and disposing Asbestos. Green Brothers will take the hassle out of any asbestos removal no matter how big or small leaving the site clean and asbestos free. Before l go, don't' forget to: SUBSCRIBE to shaneconlan1 and never miss a video again! and Check us out on Facebook Here are the links to the previous videos in the Owner Builder Series Link to Episode 1 Link to Episode 2: Link to Episode 3: Music supplied by Jason Shaw at Released under Creative Commons License 3.0. Music Title: Banjo Short Sound Effect of Car Crashing supplied by Released under Creative Commons License 3.0. Have a great day and l’ll see you again real soon. ☺ Cheers, Uncle Knackers


  1. Nice one, and thats coming from an asbestos surveyor.
  2. Good work Shane. Strapped-in, esky full. I think this reno of yours will be a top ride. All the best Mate.
  3. I like your thinking Shane.  Asbestos is one thing in a remodel you don't want to mess with.  It's the gift that keeps on giving and not in a good way.
    Let's start breaking stuff!!
  4. I'm a 70's kid and i remember one of my annuals had a 1/2 page spread and one of the stories was about Asbestos and what a great product it was and what great uses it had all over the Planet. If only we knew back then what we know now. Great 4th part mate.
  5. Good call.  Preserving your health is worth every penny!
  6. I have two tools I like the most the 1st one is the drill as it makes noise. my second 1 is the persuader the hammer BEST TOOL IN THE BOX. good stuff all the  best form Scotland
  7. guess what it's hammer time.
  8. Hi Uncle Knackers.
    Where are you going to live while all this renovation process goes on? We replaced just the kitchen some years ago and it was a nightmare.
    What are your plans for the family?
  9. +shaneconlan1 Shane - Dump the CRT TV !!!!!!
  10. Money well spent Shane... I used to treat  people who had worked with asbestos.... Asbestosis is horrendous and incurable.... not worth ever taking a chance..... Do you know those CRT TVs use less power than the new flat screens?
  11. Just found your channel -- you are quite funny and entertaining. And glad the house didn't end up having asbestos.
  12. Very informative video. Question, when you do get to the demolition stage do you have plans on recycling of materials in metals and glass?
  13. should have just dug a big hole in the back yard and buried it mate, would have saved yourself $440 :)
  14. How much did you pay for the testing?
    Yeah, you should replace the TV ;) hey you saved a lot of money now so let's go hahaha
  15. My roofing is insulated with vermiculite and i was just looking into decontaminating DIY style :) can't wait for your next vid.

  16. lovely job, I live in the hills of Perth, bloody people dump it all over the national parks. terrible. BUT great job mate.