Asbestos Abatement Survey

Author: Tom Munro, CHI
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Did you know any home built before 1990 could have building products that could contain asbestos fibres. Before starting a renovation of if your tearing down your home make sure to get an Asbestos Abatement Survey to verify what product contain Asbestos so they can be removed by an Abatement Contractor. If you don't remove the Asbestos you will contaminate yourself and the sub-trades working on your home. Do the right thing.


  1. It's off topic. But what would you say about a dryer in the basement of a house that has no outside vent and pretty much blows directly into the air in the basement. Plus there's various outlets nearby
  2. Hi Tom, nice to meet you (i met you briefly near your truck in the parking lot beside the Queen E Theater). i think you were coming from the home show.... Iam own a flooring business and looking at this video suspect that old tile you found will likley test positive. Sometimes we find its the adhesive not the tile thats actually positive.
  3. I love your videos. I'm a maker and I learn a lot, but can you boost your volume on uploads? I have my volume all the way up and it still sounds like you are trying not to wake people while talking. I don't have this problem on other videos. Thanks
  4. Holy... O.o throught asbestos was not used after 1980 at the leastest and only throught insalation, roof and celling plaster/ celling tiles/plates
  5. I appreciate your videos. Just recently my step son purchased a home. 1950's. For some reason the homeowners had put laminate and carpet over linoleum. I could tell because of the degradation in the bathroom of some of the laminate. I pondered why someone would do that, and the first thing that popped into my mind is asbestos. Is there a way to do an abatement without tearing the structure down? I am really frustrated with home inspector rules. I would really like the home inspector to be a little more aggressive in their inspections instead of just visualizing. In my case it is obvious that repairs needed to be made. Why not look under the laminate and carpet and report it?
  6. What years were homes built with asbestos products?