Asbestos Abatement Procedure

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  1. Class 1 is TSI and Class 3 is O&M and i think using glove bags would have been faster and saved time and money but hay! not my cash
  2. Don't touch any asbestos materials if you didn't know what you do. Full safety tools are always needed.Nice video guys.
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  5. you guys are mickey mouse! all of you!!! that could of easy been removed using type 2 glove bag procedures . learn your shit and next time get guys who know what the F*ck there doing.
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  7. I wouldn't be anywhere around it because it causes Mesothelioma. I did a lot of research on it and found something you need to see -
  8. Don't they need glove bags for that
  9. Its class 1 asbestos type 1 not 3
  10. So the guy cut the filter on what looks like a napkin. What if the napkin had fibrous dust/cellulose? This does not seem like good microscopy practice.
  11. wow! that's a lot of work! Where do you guys usually get quotes from asbestos teams? I use this
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  13. Was that even injected? Nasty.
  14. thats my company there, alliance environmental...pretty old video, half these guys no longer work there
  15. They are in EPA or OSHA. Ever heard of Google?
  16. @Bamblam69 number of samples depends on project size it's possible piping is 26-259 LF
  17. What State was this in? I've been doing asbestos consulting for 25+ years and I never heard of some of the things in this video. Type 3? This would be OSHA Class I work. Soak it down for Type 3? You almost always use amended water for asbestos regardless of type. Negative air - pull out all contaminants and throw them outside? I hope not that would be illegal per EPA. 2,400 liters of air? It is usually 1,200 liters for clearance. 3 samples? It's usually 5. Again where the hell is this?
  18. Fucking A guys. That is how it should be done. I've seen some videos today of guys removing asbestos without any ppe, complete idiots. You guys are pro's, how did you get a job like that? thx
  19. Mag Med, you should have taken a 4 or 5 day AHERA training course describing the decontamination process. Take your ppe off in the equipment room (leave your respirator on), take a shower (this is where you take of your respirator), dry off in the clean room (you can store your boxers in there), and then step out and put on your street clothes.
  20. I am doing this type of work tomorrow. The three part cleaning part is what am confuse about. Do you need to have clothes on by the time u get to the last room? cause I heard that where am at the guys just come out butt naked, and go to where ever they left their clothes, is tht how it should be?